The 1st Inter-School Spelling Bee organised by English Speaking Oxford Primary School is now behind us!

On the 20th May 2022 at 9.30am (Stage I) and 10th June 2022 (Stage II), the 1st Inter-School Spelling Bee Competition took place.
This competition was organised for grades I-III in three age categories:
– Bees: grade 1
– Wasps: grades 2
– Hornets: Grade 3

In Stage 1, students participated in four competitions. Students tested their spelling skills as well as their ability to write words by ear. Stage I was a written stage.

The competitions for students in Stage I were
1. knowledge of the alphabet
2. written words
3. writing words heard in context
4. correcting mistakes

The five students from each age group with the highest scores after Stage I were invited to participate in Stage II, which was oral.

Competitions for students in Level II
1. spelling written words.
2. spelling of heard words

All participants receive commemorative diplomas and the top three students receive non-cash prizes.
Congratulations to all winners and participants!