What makes us different?

  • An individual approach to each student.

    No one is anonymous at our school

  • Every student has the opportunity to be noticed and valued.

This is achieved through classes for gifted pupils: preparation for competitions and Olympiads, as well as remedial classes for pupils who, for various reasons, such as absence from school, need individual work with the teacher.



  • Innovative activities for gifted students.

Most schools only offer remedial classes for children who are failing academically.

We also have these, but we focus primarily on gifted children who are hardworking and eager to learn. In our school they have excellent conditions to develop their talents through tutoring, faculties, preparation for competitions and Olympiads.

Teachers devote a lot of time and attention to them, which results in excellent results in tests or competitions.

  • An educational programme based on Christian values.

It is based on the development of positive qualities (values) that will be helpful in the child’s future life, such as diligence, accuracy, punctuality, independence, creativity, modesty, respect for others, for oneself and for the environment, prudence and caution, setting high standards for oneself and consistently striving to achieve them, developing physical fitness and strength, and many others. We strive to support parents in the difficult task of bringing up their children so that they grow up to be wise, good, inwardly beautiful and noble people, able to make appropriate and prudent choices in life.

  • English-speaking environment

Each year, the school employs 6-7 native teachers from English-speaking countries who, by interacting with the children outside the classroom (during breaks and extra-curricular activities, on excursions, during the Green School and during winter and summer camps), make the English language come easily and effortlessly to them. The added value is therefore an excellent command of English after school, both spoken and written.

  • Modern equipment and resources

Each classroom is equipped with multimedia equipment: interactive whiteboard, projector, sound system, which makes it possible to conduct lessons in a modern and interesting way for the students. Most textbooks are also available in a multimedia version. In addition, our school has very extensive facilities for science lessons and for carrying out physical and chemical experiments, which have been developed over the years as part of the Unikids Children’s University project.

  • High level of teaching

Pupils of our school achieve great success in subject and theme competitions in many areas, for more information see “Our successes”.

  • Lessons taught in an interesting and unconventional way

Experiments, preparing your own food, lessons in the field or in the school garden, interesting lectures and workshops… in short, learning at our school is not so much a boring process as an interesting and inspiring one.

  • A very wide range of extracurricular activities

Often based on original programmes

  • Ongoing educational and psychological support

Our school employs two pedagogues who offer support to students and parents and help with many educational and parenting issues.

  • Holiday and residential activities

For more than 10 years our school has been organising winter and summer camps and holidays with a focus on sports, language and science activities, which are very popular with children from Bielsko and beyond. Children attending our school benefit from special discounts and the presence of teachers known to the child makes the stay away from home a pleasant and safe experience. Summer residential courses last for two months, so parents can bring their child to our school during the summer holidays if they wish. Each year the school offers a different half term programme such as Archaeological Adventure, Become Leonardo DaVinci, In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or Wonderful World. These are all our own programmes, which we also write commercially for the largest national travel agencies.

For further details please contact the school secretary.

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