As every year, we have prepared a number of attractions for our students, including:

A trip to the Zoo and Planetarium in Chorzów.

A trip to the Water Park in Tychy and workshops at the Water Academy.

On-site attractions:

Illusionist workshops.
Robotics workshops.
English with a native speaker.
Craft workshops:

Make your own chocolate
Make your own pin workshop
Balloon workshops
Make your own jigsaw puzzle
Bead animals.
Workshop on making dried flower candlesticks.
In addition:

visits to the cinema, sports activities on the sports field, dance workshops, language workshops and others.

Cost of Summer School(2 weeks) – PLN 1090.00.

Cost of one week – PLN 690.00


Stage I – 26.06.2023 – 7.07.2023

II period – 10.07.2023 – 21.07.2023

III period – 24.07.2023 – 4.08.2023

IV period – 7.08.2023 – 18.08.2023 Cost of the period: PLN 980.00 (15.08 – day off)

Care from 7.00 – 17.00.

Welcome to the OXFORD Crazy CAMP summer camp!

Drodzy Rodzice, Drodzy Uczniowie!

Wielkimi krokami zbliżają się WAKACJE!!! W związku z tym przygotowaliśmy atrakcyjną ofertę kolonii, na którą wszystkich serdecznie zapraszamy 😊 Zabierzcie ze sobą kolegów, przyjaciół, rodzeństwo… niech każdy poczuje, że lato się zbliża a z nim dobra zabawa, słoneczne dni, mnóstwo przygód i rozrywki co nie miara. Wszystkich serdecnie zapraszamy na OXFORD CRAZY CAMP 😊

TERMIN: 24.06-3.07.2023

WIEK: 6-11 lat, 12-17 lat

MIEJSCE: Międzyzdroje ośrodek Stilo ul. Gryfa Pomorskiego 78

Ośrodek położony jest bezpośrednio przy plaży. Pokoje są dwu, trzy i czteroosobowe. Na terenie ośrodka znajduje się: basen odkryty, trzy świetlice, boisko do gry w siatkówkę, stół do ping ponga, sklepik oraz pizzeria. Ośrodek jest ogrodzony i bezpieczny. Uczestnicy obozu mają zapewnione 3 posiłki dziennie. Jeśli ktoś ma dietę np. wegetariańską, bez laktozy, bezglutenową itp. to ośrodek dolicza 35 zł za dzień, czyli 280 zł należy doliczyć do ceny obobzu.


A day trip to Legoland in Billund, Denmark. Departing from the resort in the evening, arriving at Legoland in the morning, a full day of fun and returning to the resort in the evening.
A two day stay at Tropical Island near Berlin. Two days of fun on the many slides, outdoor and indoor pools, the tropical forest and an overnight stay in the safari tents at Tropical Island. Two days of fantastic fun and extraordinary tropical adventure are guaranteed.
Hike to Kawcza Góra – a lookout point overlooking the Pomeranian Bay. A wooden staircase, said to be the highest and longest on the coast, leads to Kawcza Góra. Not to be missed 😊.
A trip to Turquoise Lake – this beautiful lake is one of the biggest attractions of the Wolin National Park. That’s why we have to be there 😊
Sightseeing in Międzyzdroje: Pier, Avenue of the Stars, Museum of Wax Figures
A wide range of themed activities. Everyone chooses what they like best:

a) Lego Club: building with LEGO bricks is not only fun for children, but also an
unforgettable moments for the older ones. We build:

Bowling, hockey and paintball for juniors!
Drawbridges and cable cars
Robo League battles
Lego speed races
Big Adventures & Amazing Theme Park with Breakdancing!

b) English Club: games, activities and competitions with native speakers are not only
fun but also help develop your English communication skills.

c) German Club: This is a new addition to the camp😊 We invite you to join us for
German lessons. Anyone who knows Klaudia knows that there will be lots of positive
energy and fun in German.

d) Beauty Club: This activity is mainly for girls who want to create their own brand,
their own cosmetics line. Who knows, maybe this will be the start of something big?
We will also take care of hair, skin and nails 😊.

e) Tik-tok club: this is a class for people who want to learn the secrets of creating
tik-tok, vlogs, this is where we will “catch” them.

(f) Interesting shots at sunrise or sunset to create an amazing selfie of Oxford Crazy
Camp. This is where we will shoot our first commercials.

g) Sports club: aqua aerobics, yoga on the beach, table tennis, kickboxing basics,
football or volleyball will surely be useful for everyone 😊.


7 We also offer you the chance to take part in interesting events such as

– Crazy pool competition,

– Pyjama Beach Party,

– Fun triathlon,

– Field games,

– Liars’ parade,

– Disco

Price: 2490 zloty and 150 euro


Welcome to the winter half term with the Oxford Centre! 🎿🏂⛷️🤩


Adventurous holidays with us as always! 💪💪

SCIENCE DETECTIVES will explore the secrets of a secret agent’s workshop.

There will be 🧪🌡️ magic experiments, ❓ building and visiting puzzle rooms, taking part in a dactyloscopy workshop, 🔑 learning about different ciphers and codes, painting tennis shoes, 🧬 learning about genetics – during a jelly bean workshop, learning about different optical illusions, solving lots of puzzles, building machines that represent the laws of physics with LEGO bricks.

Also 🎥 going to the cinema, ⛸️ to the ice rink, an afternoon trip to the Garden of Lights💡 in Chorzów. 👾 🤖

16.01.2023 – 20.01.2023 and 23.01.2023 – 27.01.2023
Cost: 790zł – week 😍.
Includes lunch, insurance and all entrance fees.
Supervision from 7.00 – 17.00 (on the day of the trip to the Garden of Lights, activities will end around 18.00)
Ski winter-break school also available! ⛷️
Cost: £1200 plus ski pass fees.

Lessons on the slopes in Wisla.
Registration on phone number: 508 102 111


Bank account for payments: 21 1240 1170 1111 0011 0156 9164

We cordially invite you to Winter Camp - English from the Board onto the Boards‼️🤸🤸‍♂️😎☀️.

WINTER CAMP "With English from start to finish" in Bukowina Tatrzańska.

Dates: 21-28.01.2023

School camp for children aged: 7-14, (eighth graders are invited to a new formula - youth camp)

Programme participants will

– Improve skiing or snowboarding on the Tatra slopes under the supervision of experienced instructors,

– socialise

– converse with native speakers not only in English

– experiment

– develop their artistic skills and have fun!

In addition, we are planning attractions: snowmobiling, a visit to the Bukowina thermal baths, field games, a trip to Zakopane and much more. Snow and fun are guaranteed 😊!

New formula for youngsters:

First of all we will improve our skiing or snowboarding on the Tatra slopes under the guidance of experienced instructors. 

For those who wish, it will be possible to ski 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening.

NEW!!! – The instructors will start preparing young people to become certified ski and snowboard instructors!

– We will visit the most popular slopes in Bukowina: Rusiń-Ski, Grapa-Ski, Olczań-SKI, Jurgów-Ski.

– Weather permitting, snowmobiles will be used,

– visit the thermal baths in Bukowina Tatrzańska,

– Every day we will perfect the art of conversation, not only with native speakers,

– We will take part in thematic sessions on mountains and safety,

– We will visit Zakopane to admire the Tatra Mountains from Gubałówka, we will go shopping in the famous Krupówki,

– Every day we will integrate through board games, outdoor games, quizzes,

– Take part in an amazing game show “Bet on a Million” – test yourself and meet Hubert Urbański 😊


You are welcome!!!

Resort: Zbójnicówka – Bukowina Tatrzańska

Price: 2690 PLN – attractive discounts for registration till 18.11.2022 23:59:59


ATTENTION!!! For all who register for the winter camp - additional 5% discount for the summer camp!

Promotion is also limited in time.

Number of places: 50 people

We invite you to register quickly here.

Sign up by calling: 508 102 111 or via Google Form.


Bank account for deposits: 21 1240 1170 1111 0011 0156 9164

Payment for the camp can be made using TOURIST Vouchers.

Half Term Camps with Oxford - ACADEMY OF CREATIVITY

We would like to welcome children to our half term camps.
This year there will be a creativity workshop – OXFORD HAND MADE 🤩🤩🤩.
During half term we will be offering activities such as
– Robotics activities;
– Physical, chemical and cookery experiments;
– Sports activities;
– Language activities;
– Games, competitions and tournaments;
– Toy-making workshop;
– Cosmetics production
– Tailoring workshop
– Mountain excursions
– Trips to the cinema;
– Mobile planetarium workshops;
– Swimming pool
The activities are divided into four periods:
1st period: 27.06 – 8.07
2nd period 11.07 – 22.07
III period: 25.07 – 5.08
Fourth period: 8.08 – 19.08
Cost – PLN 950 for 2 weeks, PLN 590 for one week 
Tel. 508 102 111
We cordially invite you😃

After the blow 😉 (on 26.02 we finished the winter camp in Bukowina Tatrzańska) – we would like to present our summer holiday proposal. This year we decided to change the place! We will be staying in the picturesque seaside town of Jarosławiec in the “Marysieńka” Resort, which is only 120 metres from the beach and 200 metres from the centre.

The resort also offers

Heated swimming pool (weather permitting),
Football, volleyball (beach) and basketball courts,
A giant table football area.
Three playgrounds with separate areas for older and younger children,
Four rooms (for sports, training and relaxation),
A gym,
A children’s playroom,
We have prepared a wide range of attractions for your children:

All-day optional excursion to Ustka: sightseeing of the town, walking along the promenade, cruising on the sea in a RIB motorboat, visit to Blucher’s Bunkers – history and entertainment park, where each child will take part in survival activities and a treasure hunt or field game.
Trip to Darłówek
Rope park, go-karting
Festival of colours, water balloon fight
Sea baptism
Sports Olympics
illusionist, circus, theatre or dance show with workshops
a walk through Jarosławiec and a night walk
Visit to a lighthouse
Many games and sports activities
Artistic and creative activities, team building
English lessons with native speakers
Games and competitions in the heated outdoor pool at our centre
SUP boarding lessons on Lake Wicko
Windsurfing lessons on Lake Wicko (additional fee 250 PLN for 8 hours)
Disco, bonfire with sausage roasting
Experienced, proven and reliable staff 🤩🤩🤩

Period: 24.06-5.07 (12 days)

Total cost is 2780.00 zloty

We have only 49 places to offer, so the order of admission will be determined by the date of application and the deposit of PLN 500.00 by the 5th day.

We invite you to apply 😊

Age of participants: 7-17 years (children and youth groups)

Registration on phone number: 508 102 111


Bank account for deposits: 21 1240 1170 1111 0011 0156 9164

We accept vouchers

You are cordially invited to the Winter Camp and Winter Half-Camp ‼️🤸🤸‍♂️😎☀️.


On payment of a deposit of PLN 400 until 6.12.2021 we grant PLN 150 discount

For ski lovers: daily skiing/boarding under the guidance of experienced instructors.

In addition to winter madness, other interesting activities await you:

– Learn or improve your skiing/boarding every day with expert instructors.

– Conversation classes with native speakers,

– Physical and chemical experiments

– Artistic activities,

– numerous competitions with prizes

– outdoor games

– Swimming pool activities

– Highland feast with bonfire,

– Disco,

– and many other attractions

Who is coming with us?

Date: 19.02-26.02.2022

Price: 1890 zloty

Age of participants: 7-18 years (children and youth groups)

Registration on phone number: 508 102 111


Bank account for payments: 21 1240 1170 1111 0011 0156 9164

We accept vouchers turystyczne❗️