Our school is a safe and friendly place where each child is noticed and valued.

In addition to providing a rich educational experience, we place great emphasis on nurturing behaviour that supports parents in teaching respect for others, the environment and oneself.

Note: We are currently recruiting for Year 1. In addition, we are recruiting for open spaces for Years 1-7.

We are also recruiting for the Oxford Pre School English Language Kindergarten (including Year 0) via this link. You are cordially invited to apply!

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What makes us different?

  • Great staff: passionate teachers who use a variety of teaching techniques, media and new technologies.

  • Classes taught in English by native speakers, so your child is immersed in the language and absorbs it naturally.

  • A wide range of extra-curricular activities: robotics, science experiments, jigsaw puzzles, dance classes, art classes, computer graphics, knitting, public speaking, roller skating, badminton, study circles, classes for the gifted and talented.

  • Additional online classes – Italian, guitar, origami.



  • High level of teaching

  • Values-based education

  • Developing students’ qualities of hard work, self-discipline, initiative, creativity, perseverance and social-emotional skills

  • Homework and learning support

  • Psychological and educational support

  • Care during winter holidays and summer holidays: half-day summer camps and sport-language camps

  • Discounts for parents.

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You are cordially invited!