Educational project: Poland-Bolivia

Our next meetings between the 7th grade and the children of the Saint Andrew’s School in La Paz, Bolivia were marked by a real competition! This time our task was to prepare nice presentations. Each group had a different task: some talked about Poland, some about our city, Bielsko-Biala, some told interesting facts and presented animal species found in our country. We hope that our classmates learned something new and not just from encyclopaedias.

We also had quite a task. The other side prepared a video about the 7 natural wonders of Bolivia. And then the real fun started! Knowledge quizzes: about Poland and Bolivia, and finally “Pictionary”. We did great! We should be really proud of ourselves!

But it’s not over yet 🙂 Each child has already been assigned a Bolivian conversation partner by drawing lots. 


We hope that the real ‘fun’ is yet to come and that the 7th graders will not only have the opportunity to practice communicating in English and Spanish, but also to get to know their peers and who knows, maybe make some new lifelong friends.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward to the next challenges together!!! 🙂!