Robotyka z Lego WeDo 2.0 

Developing social and emotional skills with Lego WeDo

Encouraging a natural curiosity that leads to discovering new things and how they work. It’s also about facing new situations and problems that encourage creative thinking.


Cooperation is fundamental

One of the main aims of the activities is to create situations that support the development of emotional competence and social awareness in the pupils. 

Metaphorically speaking, we are not just building robots, but positive relationships that will have a significant impact on future cooperation and decision-making.



Self-learning begins with confidence

Confidence is a mindset that allows you to take risks. With Lego WeDo kits, it is easier for students to discover and convince themselves that they can achieve their goal, where their failed attempts will not have negative consequences for them.



Learning through play

A recurring element in every class is learning to think constructively – from designing a project to learning to code. 

The freedom to solve a problem helps to eliminate schematic thinking, which in turn encourages creativity, experimentation and enjoyment of learning.